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Baptism of August Christopher Elder

November 13, 2016

On Sunday, November 13, our church participated in a blessed event: the baptism of our new pastor’s youngest child, August Christopher Elder.

At the special request of Pastor Jason and his wife Barbara, our recent interim pastor the Reverend David Hondorp presided over the event and administered the sacrament of baptism to young August. We as a congregation rejoice in this blessed event and are united in our pledge to help young August and the rest of the Elder children grow in their knowledge and faith in our Lord Jesus.

What Does A Year of Prayer Look Like?

Pastor Dave Hondorp and the “Wednesdays with Dave” regulars gave us an idea during worship service on Sunday, November 22, 2015.

Every week, we invite our parishoners to submit yellow-colored prayer request cards along with their offering. These requests are collected and passed along to our members by our Office Administrator, so we can pray for each other’s needs and joys. The “Wednesdays with Dave” sessions begin with thee prayer requests, before Pastor Dave opens the session for conversation and questions.

What you see in the picture to the right is over a year’s worth of prayer request cards, draped from the back of the church sanctuary to the pulpit and lecturn in the front of the church. Hundreds of prayer request cards, hung from ribbon by the “Wednesdays with Dave” participants and displayed for our members to see what over a year of ascended prayer can look like.

When you submit a prayer request on Sunday morning, you are not praying alone. Your prayer is joined with others, and we are joining with you and echoing your prayer throughout the week.